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Doubts and questions about AGA and its product TAD-G20 (Translation Agencies Directory - G20)
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 Frequently Asked Questions

In case of doubts, check our list of terms used on the site. Click on the item to see the definition.

AP | PORTUGAL - Language Services

Leading Portuguese translation company certified by the European Standard on Quality EN 15038 that aims to provide translation interpretation, transcription and subtitling services.


SEO, Marketing & Social Networking Cornerstone Tool
This tool, developed by the IRID, allows you access to communicate with more than 2,500 translation companies through commonly used channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube, in order for you to be able to build your own network of contacts. This tool will help optimise your time, save and capitalise your resources and also gradually increase your workload. AGA itself contains a database, TAD-G20 (Translation Agencies Directory – G20), which provides you with a real possibility of building partnerships and, at the same time, becoming a potential service provider in the language industry.

IRID - International Relations & Information Department

AP | PORTUGAL’s department aimed at making APP a partner of choice among language service companies located outside the Portuguese-speaking world, for services including Portuguese language in its European, Brazilian or African variants.

IRID is responsible for institutional and commercial relations with companies specialized in language services worldwide. The cooperation between this department and your company will allow you to enjoy all the advantages of working with a company certified by the European standard for translation services EN15038:2006.

TAD - G20

Translation Agencies Directory of all G20 countries. With the exception of Brasil, Índia and Portugal (EU).

By purchasing AGA and the TAD-G20 database, you will be able to communicate with a specific audience that shares the same interests, goals, and above all, speaks your company’s language. Therefore, the possibility of your articles, posts, photos and videos to be read, commented or shared, increases significantly.

Social Network Cornerstone Tool

Before creating your own Social Network, you need to have a network of contacts and AGA is that network.

In the process of making your site more visible and relevant are two indicators that remain unchangeable: the relevance of Content and Diffusion (network interconnections). Therefore, an auxiliary tool such as AGA is essential, the whole Networking, SEO and Social Marketing work might turn out irrelevant if the pillars aren’t based on good Content and Diffusion.


Translation Agencies Directory-G20 is a product developed by AP | PORTUGAL, available for purchase only on this website. For additional information on purchasing the TAD-G20, go to the “Buy Now!” page.


Search Engine Optimization is a term relating to a set of techniques used to improve the visibility of a website in the search engine results page. In this case, improvement means placing the website on the top positions of the results page, thus increasing the probability of  it being visited.

White Hat techniques for SEO

These techniques consist on the use of certain key-words, images, titles and subtitles. In addition, the content should be relevant and unique among others.


Search Engine Advertising


Search Engine Marketing


Return on Investment


The AGA package includes the TAD-G20 database and an article in English, provided by the client, which will then be translated into Portuguese and published on the LEXIS – International Community of Language Service Providers website. The article should not exeed 750 words.


International Community of Language Service Providers


European Standard 15038

European Standard 15038, published in 2006 by the Regulation European Committee, aims to define quality requisites and certify translation services throughout the different steps of the translation process – human and technological resources, quality management, project records, legal framework procedure, value added services, and definition of terms.

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