AGA | How does Translation Agencies Directory - G20 works
Translation Agencies Directory - G20 is a database that includes more than 2.500 translation companies, where you can find social network data and other information about the companies.
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How does it work?


As the name suggests, TAD-G20 is a database including more than 2,500 translation companies, where you can find potential customers and partners. During its construction, TAD-G20 focused specifically on including social network data, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube, and even URL and email addresses. Fax numbers and addresses were purposely excluded as they are considered a less used means of communication.

With precise data such as the email address of the CEO or main contact of a particular company, a summary assessment of the website, among other equally important aspects which make the TAD-G20 database an important shortcut to the contents the already published on social networks and a crucial contribution to the marketing strategy.

New clients, new partners.