AGA | Translation Agencies Directory – G20
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Translation Agencies Directory – G20


Translation Agencies Directory – G20

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+2.500 translation companies from all over the world

By purchasing AGA and the TAD-G20 database, you will be able to communicate with an audience that shares the same interests, goals, and above all speaks the same language as your company. Therefore, the possibility of your articles, posts, photos and videos to be read, commented or shared, increases significantly.

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Learn more about the characteristics of the Translation Agencies Database – G20:

Check icon + 2.500 translation companies for YOU!

Check icon A tool for translators and translation companies.

Check icon Database in PDF format, with the following data: Name of the company, URL, ISO country code, links of social networks profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Twitter), email and name of the CEO/contact person.

Check icon Once you buy this database your company will also be part of it.

Check icon The AGA package includes the TAD-G20 database and an article in English, provided by the client, which will then be translated into Portuguese and published on the LEXIS – International Community of Language Service Providers website. The article should not exceed the 750 words.

Check iconDatabase updated in 2013