AGA | Pros & Cons about AGA's Translation Agencies Directory - G20
The Translation Agencies Directory - G20 identifies many of your counterparts in the translation industry which will facilitate the creation of a network of contacts.
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Pros & Cons

About AGA's Translation Agencies Directory

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P roviding you with the TAD-G20 database, AGA is a tool that will help you ensure the best results, whether in Social Network Marketing, or in SEO (improving your ranking in the search engine result pages).
AGA through the Translation Agencies Directory – G20 identifies many of your counterparts in the translation industry, which will in turn facilitate the creation of a network of contacts, the establishment of partnerships and synergies, and the identification of your target. These translation agencies become more aware of your business goal and, therefore, more prepared for sharing and commenting about your company. Buy it now!

Promote your translation company, ensuring its visibility by being included in the TAD-G20 database.


The AGA package includes the TAD-G20 database and an article in English, provided by the client, which will then be translated into Portuguese and published on the LEXIS – International Community of Language Service Providers website.

TAD-G20 and the article are two new tools that pave the way for the development of your SEO and Social Network Marketing strategy.


Social Network Profiles of all companies

YouTube 11.22%

Translation Agencies by continent

  • Check icon219 companies from North America
  • Check icon131 companies from South America
  • Check icon205 companies from Asia
  • Check icon478 companies from Northern Europe
  • Check icon467 companies from Southern Europe
  • Check icon524 companies from Western Europe
  • Check icon414 companies from Eastern Europe


If you are not included in the TAD-G20 database please send your company’s profile to


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