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The Translation Agencies Directory - G20 is a key tool in the Social SEO and in the basic SEO strategies.
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Search Engine Optimization

AGA for Search Engine Optimization

Translation Companies SEO

S earch Engine Optimization (SEO) is a term relating to a set of techniques used to improve the visibility of a website in the search engine results page. In this case, improving means placing the website on the top positions of the results page, thus increasing its probability of being visited. This should be achieved through the use of safe and long-term productive techniques – “White Hat” – during the construction of your website. However, not every source has the same weight in the search engine algorithm. There are several factors that are important for the final result and are all evaluated with different levels of relevance.

Moreover, the above-mentioned techniques can be “constructed” according to your higher or lower work capacity and available means. Therefore, search engines attribute a different valorisation to the social aspect of the very same page, to the human side, to the interaction within social networks, mainly because this aspect is genuineness and of unique and authentic character.

Social SEO is more reliable and more valuated by search engines.

Thanks to this alteration within the search engine algorithm, social channels, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Youtube, etc., began to have a strong influence on search results. Therefore, it can be considered that social networks are of growing importance in the communication plan of a particular company. Many companies are already redefining their marketing strategies in accordance with this factor and in order to capitalise on it. For example, making yourself known to the right people and having a well arranged website will increase the possibility of attracting many visitors. This in turn will increase the relevance assigned by the search engines that will consider it a website with content that exactly matches the performed search, which will lead to people mentioning and sharing your website. If a large number of people talk about your website and share it, the giant Google search engine will take these activities into account and will include them in the search results. The more visits your website has, the higher the return.

With AGA, you can increase the visibility of your company by accessing your target audience needs, converting into precise and useful data for thousands of translation companies that might mention, share, comment on it, etc…  As it opens up new opportunities to promote your services and to improve the productivity of your business, Translation Agencies Directory – G20 is a key tool in the Social SEO and in the basic SEO strategies.

In addition to sharing the mentioned content, it is also possible to join groups or communities that match the profile of your company and the services it provides. You will be consequently, expanding your contact network, advertising your company (brand awareness), and at the same time, instantly improving the interaction with the user, which in turn might actually optimise content sharing, both in direct and indirect ways.