AGA | AGA your Social Network Cornerstone Tool
The whole Networking, SEO and Social Marketing work might turn out irrelevant if you do not have the pillars based on good content and diffusion.
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Social Network Cornerstone Tool

AGA your Social Network Cornerstone Tool

Right target

A business present and future depend on the correct exposure and accessibility to interested parties. In pursuit of this goal, companies are increasingly focusing on thorough work in the field of social networking, particularly for the purposes of SEO, SEA and SEM.

It is an arduous task that involves many hours of work and a multidisciplinary team comprised of marketers, copywriters and web designers, supervised by a skilled and experienced project manager. The reasons stated often become a key factor for this type of investment, which is not always accessible to everyone. The ROI is not noticeable in a short-term period, it is a long-term investiment and it is necessary significant margin of error may take place to acknowledge that.

Before creating your own Social Network, you need to have a network of contacts and AGA is that network.

The algorithm of the search engines which analyses websites through multiple indicators, ranking them in notoriety and giving their URL greater or lesser visibility, is in constant change. Fortunately, there are two indicators that remain unchangeable for the referred search and visibility; the relevance of Content and Diffusion (network interconnections). In this process, an auxiliary tool such as AGA is essential, as the whole Networking, SEO and Social Marketing work might turn out irrelevant if you do not have pillars based on good Content and Diffusion.

Given that the content can be easily “imitated”, Diffusion becomes an extremely important factor, such that the algorithm, the basis of the search engine, attributes tremendous weight to Content Sharing and to your comments. These are the “human” and genuine factors and, therefore,┬áit is almost impossible to forge them. That is the reason why make better the indexation robots attribute them more points and, inevitably, better ranking in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!.