AGA | AGA and the Social Web Marketing
AGA, with its Translation Agencies Directory - G20, allows you to reach those who are of most interest to your business and improve your Social Web Marketing.
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Social Web Marketing

AGA and the Social Web Marketing

Online MarketingS ocial Marketing in social networks became an inevitable trend that changed and continues to change online marketing. The strategic management of social transformation aims to introduce social trends that easily extend to the comercial sector and in this case the translation industry as well.

This sector, is in continuous development and its combination with the trade component makes it the most sophisticated and efficient way of promoting brands, products and web concepts using the tools offered by social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Therefore, a “spiderweb” of contacts will be created, making it possible to connect with your contact’s contacts.

Social Web Marketing continues to solidly gain companies’ trust as it is an extremely segmented communication tool. Communication through social networks allows for a closer approach to users who share similar interests and whom interaction share experiences and ideas. It is the ideal environment for translation agencies┬áto make themselves known and in the end have a dominant position in their industry of choice – Linguistics.

Social Web Marketing is a tool for behavior changing in societies.

AGA, with its Translation Agencies Directory – G20 database includes thousands of companies similar to your own, allowing you to reach those who are of most interest to your business. The translation companies included in the database have been chosen in order to provide you with a range of the best partners working with different language pairs. In addition to that, the database will allow you to better target your audience, just a click away, helping you not to “sell ice-creams in the North Pole”.