AGA | Target audience of AGA
The target audience of AGA are the ones who seek new clients and new partners in the Linguistics industry: translators and translation companies.
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To those who seek new clients and new partners!


Target - Translation Companies

For translation companies

Gain access to more than 2,500 potential clients and partners. Be part of the biggest networks in the translation industry. Keep in mind that a precise definition of your target audience is the cornerstone to your success. Human resources are costly and limited. Therefore,  detailed guidance will help you capitalise on your resources and optimise your success. On the other hand, it is an amazing window of opportunities to win over new clients.

Target - Translators

For translators

Make yourself visible to more than 2,500 translation companies from all over the world!

The fact that you don’t own a translation company doesn’t mean that there isn’t a need to define your business target. TAD-G20 gives you the opportunity to find a huge variety of new clients.


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