AGA | Why work with Translation Agencies Directory-G20
The reasons why the Translation Agencies Directory-G20 will help you improve your Social SEO.
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Why work with TAD?

AGA will help you to improve your Social SEO

Translation Agencies Database and article

Your company’s communication must be made under a vision of “engagement”, in order to create an effective network of contacts. Otherwise, the work on communication and the entire strategy will turn out useless for the major search engines and for your Social SEO. This is because the algorithm, which allows you to make your website more popular thanks to the referred comments, “Likes” and shares, isn’t seen and therefore your company won’t rise in the search engine results ranking. It is important to be aware that what works well in one country, might not necessarily work in other countries.

“We are convinced that TAD-G20 is, and will continue to be, crucial for improving our Search Engine Optimization.”

CEO, Mário Júnior

By purchasing AGA and the TAD-G20 database, you will be able to communicate with an audience that shares the same interests, goals, and above all, speaks the same language as your company. Therefore, the possibility of your articles, posts, photos and videos to be read, commented or shared, increases significantly.

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The use of the Translation Agencies Directory – G20 for the sole purpose of sending emails is useless and increases the risk of spam whose benefits therefore become little or non-existent. TAD-G20 is extremely thorough and provides you with the privileged contact of the decision-makers within each company. Through professional and social networks you will be in permanent contact with the translation companies with which you intend to establish a business relationship.

Data from TAD-G20

Although the TAD-G20 database is one of the most up-to-date and the most complete database of translation companies worldwide, including thousands of translation companies spread across the five continents, you will not find any directory of translation agencies operating in Portuguese-speaking countries. Due to the fact that this tool was originally developed by the Portuguese translation agencie AP | PORTUGAL, whom decided to provide it’s team with a communication tool aimed at interacting with partners on social and professional networks.